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What is the "Salary (Net)" in the loan calculator?

It represents the coverage, ie a loan repayment guarantee that you offer to the Bank / MCO / Leasing. The amount is verifiable, so try to give the correct data by entering the "unloaded" part of the salary. This is the amount of your salary, which you get "on hand", reduced by the amount of loans you already pay and other liabilities that reduce the amount of salary.

What are the colors (green, yellow and red) in the loan calculator?

Colors represent the usual calculation of the possibility of obtaining a loan on the basis of the set conditions. Green - probably YES, Yellow - maybe, and Red - probably NO.

Based on what criteria is the option in the "LOANS - BEST OFFER" application?

Functionality in the application called "LOANS - THE BEST OFFER", matches products by the size of the NIR, but this does not have to mean that these loans are the most favorable, it depends on other costs, the amount payable for processing the loan. Carefully read the relevant documentation that the Bank / MCO / Leasing offers on its website.

Why is the nominal interest rate (NIR), and not the effective (EIR), in the loan calculator?

Because most Banks / MKO / Leasing does not publish enough information on their websites for the correct calculation of the EIR. The EIR differs in relation to the desired loan amount, for each loan product. In any case, the application gives an opportunity, for each selected loan product, to review the relevant documentation on the bank's website, specifically for the selected product. It is recommended that you carefully read the offered documentation from the Bank / MCO / Leasing, especially for loan products with a zero rate of NIR.

Why do zeros appear on the bankroll list?

For all individual currencies or complete exchange rates, where the bank did not publish on the Internet, the application is zero on its website, its commission.

Is it mandatory to send an image?

It is not, but certainly facilitates and speeds up the process of giving consent because the picture describes the purpose, because each loan has its purpose, even if it is called "non-purpose". Also, you are giving your personal banker a chance to try and find a better price for the selected product from the picture.

Why is verification made during registration in the program?

Verification ensures the credibility of your email and prevents someone else from making a false request to the bank, instead of you. See Help for details.

Is there a PhotoLoan app for iOS (iPhone)?

For now no, but the WEB application is customized for all types of operating systems, except for Android, where the app is custom-tailored, available on Google Play.