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Let us be your valuable agent for collecting loan request throughout the territory of BiH. How?

How to effectively connect clients, a physical person with a legal entity, via the Bank or, more simply, how to effectively stimulate and organize the transition of goods from the seller to the buyer?

One of the best ways is through financial institutions, acceleration of the loan process, using mobile devices.

PhotoLoan is an application developed on the Android platform (there is a customized WEB version that works on all platforms) and its primary purpose is to offer fast forwarding of financial service requests through mobile devices. Using this mobile application, the user is able to send loan requests, check lists, find basic information about all affiliates, agencies and ATMs, shops / travel agencies, and find them on google map via entered GPS positions.

Option of reviewing and searching the Catalog of the Bank's products is of particular interest, but in an interactive way. With each named Bank product, there are buttons "Documentation", "Calculator" and the button for starting an eventual presentation. Through the presentation and prepared documentation, the user learns more about the product, and by starting a financial calculator, he is able to accurately calculate the rate of the loan, receive a repayment (annuity) plan, according to the amount and the selected number of months. In this case, the application takes into account the set criteria, so "there is no wandering" in setting the necessary criteria, for example, the nominal interest rates, the desired amount, the number of repayment months. In addition, the user can send information about the "net" amount of salary that would cover the loan obtained, a short description of additional information and attach a picture of what it wants to obtain through such a loan.

Why photo? It is known that every non-purpose loan is just called, and in the end each loan has its purpose. By sending an image, the client emphasizes what he actually wants to buy and chooses an easier way to do it through loan (in some way, the conversion of an unintentional into a dedicated loan is made). The bank now knows very well what is being done, so it only remains to examine the client's loanworthiness, which can be done through the obtained information about the client and to approach the realization of the loan, request additional information from the client itself or refuse due to poor loan standing. We should not forget the third party's interest, i.e. mentioned store to sell your product.

The assumption is that in the future, Personal Banker / Account Manager will be more profiled for certain groups of clients, both natural persons and legal entities, and will be able to use this type of loan application, more precisely to use the knowledge for what purpose loan, in order to try to get a client a physical entity with an even better offer than the one he sent, using his own network of contacts with correspondent sellers. This circle naturally closes, to the satisfaction of all parties.

Client is a physical person, he gets an even more favorable bid than he has found and thus creates a certain kind of gratitude to the Bank and a stronger connection (the so-called "socialization of clients") with it. The same is true for the seller, the client is a legal person, because the Bank finds the buyers, and in the end, the Bank is also satisfied, which issued a loan that was set on good grounds. In addition to all of the above, the application has the ability to create a list of stores and tour agencies, and in the future also their product catalogs, the purchase of which would be realized through the issuance of a bank loan.

Here, for the Banks, existing stores and travel agencies can be equally interesting, with which they already have some cooperation, as well as making new cooperation through this application, expressed by the interest of the users of the application with a specific store / tourist agency. The "PhotoLoan" application has a built-in "local" database, which exchanges data with the server (MySQL database) over the network (eg WiFi). In this way, changes are made to the data on the user's application itself. At the moment, the application uses the information available from the web sites, but it should be emphasized that for the quality of the application, it is especially important that the information, especially the information about the product catalog with all the relevant data, be provided by the Bank, the prescribed document formats, already provided or subsequently agreed upon.